First, if you haven’t been to Reddit yet, go now. Take a few minutes to comb through the internet’s treasures (and trash), all compiled in a one-stop digital shop. Then come back and read more about sober subreddits. Be warned – it’s easy to lose track of time on the “front page of the internet.”

I’ve been a Redditor for going on three years now. My little brother, a techno-guru in his own right, introduced me to the community. Some of my time on Reddit was not spent sober. During that stage in my life, I visited quite a few subreddits of ill repute – the ones where, afterwards, you clear your browser history.

But for almost two years now, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of energy to Reddit’s sobriety community. This replaced my penchant for finding sketchy subreddits. The following subreddits are devoted to sobriety and recovery from drug addiction and/or alcoholism. These are listed in order of popularity, measured by the amount of subscribers.

Description: Community and support for redditors trying to quit drinking alcohol. There is also a healthy amount of people who are sober and share their experience. You can even register an official sobriety date. Once you register a sobriety date, you’ll receive a badge next to your username with your sober time. Anytime you post, it appears with your username.

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